Blog Post # 202 – The Judge

The judge.

Some of us play the judge frequently.

Watching, assessing and deciding whether the people standing before us are worthy of our love, our attention, our time.

We view them in a binary, black-and-white fashion.

Good or bad, smart or dumb, important or meaningless.

We can be very harsh in our judgment.

But are we truly qualified to judge another?

Do we know what is in the heart of another?

The fact is that we don’t know their pain, their life experience, their tribulations.

In many instances, we are in no position to judge.

The harsh voice of the judge, the strident way we assess others, can be very destructive.

It can cause us to be unkind, to say mean things.

Which does no good for us nor the person who hears these things.

The object of our scorn.

And of course, the harshest victim of our interior judge is ourselves.

We judge ourselves very harshly.

Sentencing ourselves to hard labor for the mistakes that we have made.

For today, let us judge a little less harshly.

To give a pardon to ourselves and to others.

Step down from our high position.

Realize that we are all in need of a little forgiveness.