Blog Post # 199 – Sports, Politics or Entertainment

Sports, politics or entertainment.

When we were young, we played 20 Questions with my mother.

One of the best early questions to ask was sports, politics or entertainment.

Helped narrow down the realm of possible solutions to the puzzle.

Nowadays, our society seems to be so distracted, primarily by three forces – sports, politics and entertainment.

We even have people who cross over from one of these fields to the other.

Reality TV show hosts running for President.

Ex-jocks hosting Good Morning America.

The lines between entertainment, politics and sports are constantly blurring.

In addition, sports can unite a city. Help build bridges between different communities.

Politics tend to be a bit more divisive – pitting us against them the vast majority of time.

Entertainment can stimulate (or deaden) our minds.

The point is that the people who bring us our sports, deliver our politics and entertain us have gotten extremely sophisticated at what they do.

They study our brains to figure out how to motivate us and to make us angry.

It may be a good idea to step back from each of these three areas and to focus on ourselves.

Will our lives be fundamentally better simply because our sports team won a playoff game?

How much of our attention are we willing to give to politicians who just want to get ahead and don’t really have our best interests at heart?

Do we really need one more show about the Kardashians?

This isn’t meant to be a rant or diatribe against popular culture.

Just a humble invitation to engage in our own sports and exercise, to advocate for ourselves in all aspects of our lives and to find ways to entertain ourselves through creative outlets.

Like I said before, vote for ourselves and our dreams and aspirations.

No one else is going to do that for us.