Blog Post # 198 – “What are you prepared to do?”

“What are you prepared to do?”

This is the question that Jimmy Malone (Sean Connery) asks Eliot Ness (Kevin Costner) as their quest to bring down Al Capone continues in The Untouchables.

How far are we willing to go for something that we truly believe in?

That word – willing – is such a powerful word.

For we must become willing to do something before we are actually able to do it.

Awareness of a need for change.

Willingness to try and change.

Then, and only then, change can occur.

Do we throw ourselves 100% into fulfilling our dreams?

It is so much easier, of course, to just dabble in epic change.

To stay on the fringes of an extraordinary life.

To settle. To sit back. To let someone else take the lead.

Screw that.

We must dive in.

And to do so with reckless abandonment.

The forces of oppression hide from our eyes with distraction, busy-ness and a soft life.

This work is hard. Super-difficult.

We have to be prepared to overcome any obstacle. To stomp on indecision. To stake our flag at the top of the mountaintop and defend it against all comers.

If not, we will wallow our time in misery and silence. Waiting for the day that we check out from this life. Like lambs at the slaughterhouse.

Not me. And I hope not you. Fight the power.