Blog Post # 197 – Our Legacy

How will we be remembered?

Not in the history books, but with those who knew us.

Those who loved us.

Were we kind?

Were we gentle?

Were we hard-working?

We should do everything we can today to infuse the memories of others with the love we bring to the world.

Every conversation that we have with our loved ones leaves an imprint.

We convey energy – positive or negative – with every interaction.

Our mental fingerprints.

Do we build others up or tear them down?

Do we convey how we really feel in our conversations?

Do our tongues reveal what we really feel or do they lash out in anger?

For today, let us be the peacemaker, the stalwart, the hero.

Let us let go of the ties that bind us.

And be an instrument of light and love to everyone around us.