Blog Post # 196 – Start Today

When did it turn?

That moment when you gave up.

Said to yourself, “screw this. I’m not going to change.”

When did you give up?

What led you to throw in the towel?

Life throws a lot at us.

Too much, in fact.

So it is okay to feel overwhelmed, underappreciated and stressed out.

Really, okay.

But that does not make it okay to quit.

To quit stretching, dreaming and striving.

Forget missed opportunities.

Disregard the mistakes.

You cannot take them back.

But you do have an opportunity today to change.

Every day offers that chance to change.

For the better or for the worse.

We can turn it back.

We can refuse to give up.

We can try again.

This life – it is for learning.

Really learn from our mistakes.

To say enough is enough.

And to turn the tide back towards greatness.

Your greatest you.

Start today.