Blog Post # 194 – Students > Gurus

We are students, not gurus.

The race continues.

We seek to improve a bit each day.

To learn, to discern, to glean and to share.

We look inside and study ourselves.

We sense the rhythm of our responses.

The truth is there when we sit still and let it bubble to the surface.

Distractions abound and frivolous time sucks beckon.

We forgive ourselves for time wasted, errors made.

All with the goal of incremental improvement.

We ask how we might have handled a given situation differently.

We hold our experiences gently in our hand for we know that time is fleeting and we must act quickly to glean the importance of what just happened.

These things we do not only to help make ourselves better but in order to improve the circumstances of those around us.

This world is not going to get any better if we don’t step up and make it happen.

For today, let us glide through the day. Let us observe more, talk less. Listen intently – both to others and ourselves.

To learn from what is going around us instead of striving to control it.

To cling softly and gently.

To appreciate every single moment.

It is all that we have.