Blog Post # 191 – A Place of Clarity

Clarity is our natural state.

Seeing clearly is how we start.

Life clouds our vision.

Our bad choices accumulate and our mind befogs.

We get lost, distracted, displaced.

Our job, then, is to find our way back to our natural state of clarity.

No magic formula.

No gurus directing the way.

Just us – charged with the directive of returning to the path of clear vision.

Too often, we get this backwards.

We think that there is something fundamentally wrong with us.

Something we must change.

But this misses the mark. Turns everything on its head.

This life calls upon us to find the answers within us.

To listen to our heart, our gut and our mind to find our way home.

Our inner, centered home.

No more books to read.

No more e-courses to take.

No self-appointed wisdom providers to lead us.

Just us. Listening to our rhythms, finding what is undeniably true.

To return to the natural state of clarity that we came into this world already having.

Shedding that which distracts us and denies us.

A place where everything is clear.