Blog Post # 188 – A Disconnect Inside

How do we center?

When the world is swirling around us, how do we center?

How do we get to that inner space where we find our truths?

Deep breaths help.

A quiet room, away from distraction.

So much vies for our attention here in 2016.

We must affirmatively find our space or the world will run us over.

The lure of gadgetry, of a new iOS update, of being “connected” 24/7.

We understand. It is an amazing time to be alive.

But is all of this electronic gadgetry causing a disconnect inside?

We can’t reach our intuition with an iPhone.

We need, instead, to physically carve out space in our calendar to just be.

To be bored.

To dawdle.

To think things through.

For today, let us find a few slivers of space. Let the world swirl.

But keep some small chunk of space for our own thoughts.

Who knows what we will say to ourselves when we let that happen?