Blog Post # 187 – A Small Experiment

What if …. instead of calling it a diet, we called it “an experiment?”

What if …. instead of calling it quitting smoking forever, we called it “an experiment?”

And instead of committing to a lifetime without alcohol or unhealthy food or excessive time on the internet, we simply committed to running our “experiment” today.

Does this not seem a bit more doable?

Instead of swearing off diet soda a few weeks ago, I labeled it a 30 day experiment.

This freed me up of the mental stress associated with “swearing off diet soda forever.”

Made the endeavor seem more attainable.

So far, the experiment is going fairly well.

Each day, I simply remind myself that I am running an experiment.

To determine the results.

To see if life without soda is calmer and whether I sleep better.

So far, so good.

For today, let us look at our challenges not as life-changing events – big, hairy audacious goals – but rather as a small, discrete experiment that we are free to continue or discontinue as we see fit.

Would love to hear about any experiments that you decide to run.