Blog Post # 186 – A Life of Meaning

Do we fear the eventual end of our days on planet Earth?

Or do we embrace it?

Sometimes, we worry about the future.

About the end of our life.

We wonder what will happen next.

We may think we know,what happens next but we don’t really know.

Herein lies our faith.

Yet these thoughts may also cause us some anxiety. Some uncertainty.

The one thing that is certain, of course, is that we will not live forever.

This brings me back to one of my frequent thoughts which is – if we could know the date of our eventual demise, would we want to know?

If someone could slip us a piece of paper with a date on it, would we ask for it?

Of course, this is fiction. There is no piece-of-paper-hander-outer.

What are we left with?

Living as if we have that piece of paper in our wallet or purse anyway.

Living as if we know our last day on Earth.

We will eventually exit this life.

The only recourse we have is to live today as if the date on our piece of paper is fast approaching.

To get done as much as we can today and to live a life of meaning.

To tell those that we love that we love them.

To celebrate the moments – happy, sad, funny, difficult – as they come.

And to be here with each other. To really be here. With love for those around us.