Blog Post # 185 – Goodbye, Eeyores.

Forget the naysayers.

The Eeyore’s trying to hold you back.

The negative folks who don’t believe in you.

Their worldview defines them.

But it has nothing to do with you.

Some of us were blessed with supportive parents.

Others, not so lucky.

Negative recordings of things that people said to us years ago can be harmful, particularly if it came from a parent or sibling.

Time to clear those tapes out.

They serve no purpose.

If the people that you hang out with are negative and grumpy, change your crowd.

Otherwise, you will be brought down to their level.

The truths we tell ourselves are so important.

The way we view the world and the way our friends view the world can have a deep impact on the trajectory of our lives.

We should be grateful for the positive people in our lives and to spend more time with them.

Everything else is just wasted energy.

For today, let us move away from negativity. To the extent that we cannot, let us recognize it for what it is.

Put it on a shelf somewhere and leave it there.

Share the love, forget the rest.