Blog Post # 183 – Halfway Home

Halfway home.

We are halfway through the year of daily blogging.

I have really enjoyed the rhythm of blogging each day.

Helps me clear my mind and check in as to where I am exactly.

The vast majority of posts stem from something that I’ve been thinking about, that I want to change or that I’ve noticed.

The feedback received has been a real boost and keeps me motivated.

Please keep it coming.

We have been at this for six months now.

The flow of ideas from my brain through the keyboard and onto the blog is a whole lot easier now than it was at the beginning.

I feel more in touch with where I am each day.

And I’m happy to share that. And to share my struggles, failures and shortcomings.

Thanks for being along for the ride.

The real-world interactions that I have had with readers of the blog have been the greatest reward.

I hope you find something that challenges you every day. I‘m not talking about the blog challenging you. I’m talking about something that you decide to do for you.

That helps you pause and reflect.

This blog has done just that for me.

I am really glad that Seth suggested doing this.

For today, let’s take up the challenge that stands before us. Let’s do it together.

If I can help, let me know.