Blog Post # 182 – Four Questions, Modified

Will we make the jump?

Will we make the jump … today?

Name the one thing that we can do – today – to advance our progress.

Whether it is the first step or the last step of our master plan, what can we do this day to make progress.

Do we trust ourselves?

Do we trust ourselves …. enough?

We have failed before. We will fail again.

This does not mean that we have to stop taking risks. In fact, our prior errors require us to keep trusting enough to take another risk.

We learn so much more from our failures than from our successes.

Can we be strong?

Can we be strong … in this moment?

Some of our worst decisions are made because we feel anxious and fearful about tomorrow or regretful and bad about yesterday.

When we are present in the here and now, knowing that we are safe and that we will survive whatever challenge awaits us, we are free to make the best decision possible in this moment.

No regrets, no fear.

Do we love ourselves?

Do we love ourselves … that much?

For today, let us love ourselves enough to make the jump, to trust our instincts and to be strong in the moment. If we do, then we will have really accomplished something … today.