Blog Post # 180 – Space for You?

It is okay to relax.

Okay to think. Reflect. Discern.

The smartphone can wait.

You have permission to have quiet in your life.

Time to be bored and introspective.

Life is not a series of unending tasks.

Yes, your life is hectic.

But can you find space for you?

We are telling you that it is okay.

What if you turned your cell phone off when you came home at the end of your day?

Left the twits to tweet amongst themselves.

Facebook can wait until morning.

The little red circle that makes you pant like Pavlov’s dog.

The number will only be bigger the longer you are away from Facebook.

Email can wait. The world will not burn down if you wait until morning to respond.

So hard to find mental space in 2016.

Too many choices, too many candies to crush.

And yes, putting down our phone may force us to face our inner thoughts.

And to be present with our loved ones.

Egads. The humanity!

For today, let us consider the invitation to unplug. To listen. To be present.

Could be fun.