Blog Post # 178 – No Regrets

No regrets.

Regrets are meaningless and useless.

We may have made mistakes. Offended, slighted, erred or overstated.

Regretting the decisions that we made yesterday or in years gone by does nothing.

Learning from those mistakes is what we should be doing instead.

Tweaking, improving, revisiting and thinking of other possible responses are all ways that we can improve.

But regret – true regret – does little to make us a better person.

We all have events in our lives that we wish we could have handled differently.

A redo, if we had a choice in the matter.

But we don’t. And that is the point.

Spending a lot of time regretting past decisions is time that is wasted.

We may reflect on those decisions to see how, if at all, they are affecting our present.

If we want to use knowledge gained from that reflection to impact future decisions or to get us out of a negative situation in this moment, that is time well spent.

For today, let us not wallow in the pit of regret. Let us instead use those past errors and omissions to fuel ourselves in the decisions that we make today.

Let’s focus on living better in the here and now so as to cut down the number of possible regrets that we might have tomorrow and beyond.

No regrets.