Blog Post # 177 – As If

Let’s act as if.

We want to be a runner? Do the things that runners do.

Act as if we are already a runner.

Get up early, hit the track, stretch, cool down.

Even if we don’t feel like a runner today, eventually we may.

We want to be a successful person with successful friends?

Hang out with successful people.

Obviously, it is not just this simple.

But there is certainly something to be said to getting our bodies, minds and spirits into condition by acting as if.

Change is very hard. Positive change especially.

When we act as if, it allows us to jump over our mental blocks and cut through the lies that we tell ourselves.

Acting as if allows us to leapfrog all of the reasons that we feel we might not be able to succeed and conditions us for success.

This approach also allows us to speed up success.

We get used to being the way that we want to be and the old habits fade away.

This is a very powerful mindset shift.

For today, let us act as if we are already living the very life that we wish to live.

And leave behind the things that are no longer serving us.