Blog Post # 176 – As They Are Meant to Be

Feeling sorry for ourselves achieves nothing.

It is surprising how long and how deep the pity parade can run.

The tapes we play in our mind become self-fulfilling.

If we see the world as screwing us over, we find the evidence that we need to keep believing that.

Every slight, every tense moment, every frustration occurs because the world is conspiring against us.

We can find such evidence any time that we want.

And if we become aware of this frame of reference, we may decide that we don’t want to live that way any more.

We may decide to look for the good, look for the positive and to try and find things that bring us joy.

Certainly, it is more enjoyable to see the beauty of the world as opposed to the grey negative fog that we may find ourselves in.

But perhaps this should not be our goal.

What if our job is not to springboard out of negativity into a false positive rosy-colored world, but rather to be here in the moment where things just are.

They are as they are supposed to be.

To surrender to the reality of our existence and to accept that this might not be “all bad” or “all good,” but rather the things as they are meant to be.

For today, let us accept things as they are in this moment as we are alive in this moment. Everything else is folly.