Blog Post # 173 – A New Reality

Get off of the pity pot.

Quit the complaining.

No one is listening.

Nobody needs it.

Continuing to feel sorry for yourself gets us nowhere.

Okay, something bad happened.

We get it.

You have had plenty of time to grieve this reality.

Obsessing over and reliving it does no one any good.

Instead, we need you here.

In this moment.

Doing what you can to heal.

Building something new.

Creating, designing, implementing a new reality.

A reality that may be impacted by the past but that is so much more than that.

Our present reality. Our future freedom.

The forces of negativity, defeatism and sadness swirl all around us.

But the past is what it is. It is not going to change. No matter how many times you choose to relive it.

Come over here by us – the lovers, the creators and the dreamers.

Help us build this new reality.