Blog Post # 171 – Our Rights

We clamor for our rights, but we don’t want the responsibility that goes along with them.

The colonists had to revolt in order to obtain more rights.

African Americans and women had to fight in order to receive the right to vote.

So much hard work, struggle and violence had to occur to birth this nation into freedom.

Too often, we forget these struggles.

We take voting and participation in the democratic process for granted.

The vast majority of us do not vote.

We don’t get involved in politics because it is such a sleazy system.

This is understandable.

But our rights are only as powerful as our assertion of those rights.

The struggle for freedom continues to this very day.

We must stand for something. We must.

If we do not, the twin evils of complacency and maintenance of the status quo continue.

We must exercise our rights.

We must fulfill our responsibility.

We owe it to ourselves and to our fellow human beings to be extraordinary.

To stand for what we believe in.

To share our truth with the world.

To realize that until all of our brothers and sisters are fully and completely integrated and accepted into this society, that none of us are free.

That our rights mean little if only some of have the ability to exercise those rights.

This is true today and true for our future.