Blog Post # 169 – Time to Ship

The time for talking’s over now….

This is the time for action.

When we stake our claim.

Set forth to the hinterlands.

Do the work that matters.

Implement. Implement. Implement.

Good ideas are great.

Discussing, collaborating, tweaking and considering our ideas are all important.

But we want do-ers.

Those who take action.

As Uncle Seth would say, it is time to ship.

Get it out the door.

Produce the widget.

Sculpt the marble.

Deliver the world-class service.

When the idea stays in your head, only you see its brilliance.

But when you are forced to share your idea with the world in actual form, that is the true test.

Working to ship requires focus, dedication and hard work.

Do the work today.

Prepare to ship today.

Show the world what you can do. Today.

Less learning, less thinking, less analysis.

More building, more constructing, more doing.

What are you going to ship today?