Blog Post # 166 – Properly

The difference between doing something and doing something properly is vast.

In most cases, there are right ways and wrong ways to do a particular task.

Doing the task properly makes a big difference.

This comes up a lot in the context of being an immigration attorney.

People think they just need to fill out some forms and send them off.

But the difference between just sending off forms and preparing those forms properly is big.

Properly is the key word.

I learned this listening to Joe Polish, who used to clean carpets.

He prepared a consumer’s guide to cleaning and maintaining carpets properly.

If we strive to do a job properly each and every time, it will prevent errors and help us do a better job.

Understanding and implementing each of the steps necessary to properly complete the task is essential.

For today, let us strive to complete the tasks in front of us properly.

Don’t Just Do It. Just Do It Properly.