Blog Post # 164 – Think First

Too often, we jump right in and get started.

It may be better to spend some time thinking about a problem.

Exploring the various angles, options and pitfalls.

If you have ever seen a Rubik’s Cube master, they usually spend a ton of time examining the mixed up Cube and then move quickly to twist the Cube until all 6 sides match.

Think first, think longer.

When I attended Saint Louis University, I drove a big blue bus known as the Billiken Bus Line.

After my freshman year, we got a new boss – Steve Serrot.

Steve had many other job duties, but one was making sure that the buses ran on time.

Instead of diving into the situation and making lots of changes, Steve took a week or two learning every aspect of the little bus operation that we had.

He rode the buses, he examined the books, he interviewed all of the drivers, he calculated and re-calculated the routes.

It was truly impressive.

Steve spent much more time thinking about how to improve the Billiken Bus Line than he did actually directing change.

This was a powerful insight. One that has stayed with me for twenty-five years.

Undoubtedly, we can spend too much time thinking about things.

Waiting to act.

But here’s to those who spend the proper amount of time thinking about their problems and taking the time to develop a good idea before acting.