Blog Post # 163 – Be Gone Fear!

The fear can cripple you.

The fear can keep you from even attempting something different.

Do not listen to the fear.

Shut it up, lock it up and ignore it.

Some fear is rational.

That is not the fear that we are talking about.

This fear is the fear that prevents you from achieving.

From taking risk.

From being you.

Do not listen to the fear.

You have amazing abilities. You have a special purpose in this world.

No one can do what you do. No one can be you.

We are begging you to disregard the irrational fear.

Do not succumb.

Smell the fear, taste the fear and breathe it in.

But then breathe it back out.

It does you no good.

Be gone – fear!

Don’t come around here no more.

Today is the day that we set aside our fear and take a step towards our redemption.

To our best selves.

To us.