Blog Post # 162 – Smaller Goals

Small goals.

Small goals can be the key to success.

Goals need to be both measurable and doable.

We sometimes tend to set large, untenable goals.

An alternative to that is to break a large goal into several, smaller and more measurable goals.

Smaller goals allow us to get mini-victories under our belt.

If we think things through, we can stack these mini-victories into long-term success.

This helps keep us motivated.

It also lets us track our success.

You cannot run a 10k race without training and hitting shorter benchmarks.

Tony Gwynn was one of the greatest baseball players of my childhood.

The man hit a ton of singles in his career.

This is what we are after – singles and doubles.

Too often, we set a big, hairy, audacious goal, yet we do not take the time to think through how to achieve that big goal through smaller steps.

This is especially true when working with teams. Everyone gets all excited about a long-range goal but the short, smaller steps stay a little bit fuzzy.

For today, let’s think about each of our big goals and try to break them down into smaller, more manageable steps.

To our mutual success!