Blog Post # 161 – Old Friends

Old friends.

Friends who know you to your core.

Meeting up with old friends gives us a charge.

A reminder of how things used to be.

A way of remembering how things used to be.

Old friends call us on our crap.

Remind us of our greatness.

Amazingly, spending time with old friends can serve as a time machine.

Bringing us right back to slivers of time in our history.

If our friends helped us through a struggle or to overcome obstacles, our connection is even deeper.

Slipping into old conversations with friends from long ago is a great gift too.

This weekend, two of my old best friends are in town.

Got parts of the old crew together last night and will be continuing this weekend.

So many giggles.

The best part about being with old friends is not having to put on any masks.

No B.S.

Just us being us. Our true selves.

What a tremendous gift.