Blog Post # 159 – More Doing

An idea that has not been implemented is just that – an idea in our head.

We spend a lot of time coming up with great ideas.

But translating that brilliance into actionable tasks with concrete goals and deadlines can be extremely difficult.

I admit that I spend a lot of time inside my head and I happen to have a good idea every now and then.

Implementing those great ideas does not always occur.

I may get side tracked by an even better idea.

I may get bored with the great new idea.

The new idea may be too small or too big.

It would be nice if we could implement more and think less.

Do I really need to read another business book or self-improvement treatise?

Or do I just need to take the good ideas that I already know to be correct and actually put them into place.

Acting as opposed to prolonged thinking.

This is not to discount the power of clear thinking, but rather to emphasize that “doing” has its own value to contribute.

More doing. More doing the important stuff.

Implementing a good idea now may take a little longer to pull off, but it will help cut down on the trivialities of the day.

Get us closer to where we want to be.

What can we implement today?