Blog Post # 152 – The Space We Need

Are we giving ourselves the mental space we need?

Sometimes it helps to have a physical space to go to that then makes it easier to establish that mental space.

A place to relax and center.

Too often, the monkey brain takes over and the ideas seem to be coming from every direction.

This makes it hard to focus.

Even while writing this blog post, my mind is jumping around from three different worries.

Not only does that take me away from being present in the moment, it actually feels like my mind cannot rest.

Way too many stimuli, too many things to worry about.

This is where the physical space comes in first.

To box out the distractions.

To serve as a shield from all of the things vying for our attention.

We need space to think, space to rest, space to free ourselves from the daily grind.

It may be helpful to have a regular time for this physical space as well.

For me, this is early morning before the other occupants of my home get moving.

I am at my best when I have my physical space and my dedicated time.

Working towards recapturing my space and my time today.

Hope you can too.