Blog Post # 151 – A Decision to Compete

You cannot win an Olympic medal in a day.

Michael Phelps trained for four years for a two-minute race that he won yesterday.

Four years.

There is no such thing as an overnight success.

Phelps became a champion long before the race even began yesterday.

At some point, he and all of the other Olympic athletes made a decision to compete.

To do their best to make it to the Olympics, qualify for the finals and run the race or vault the pole or balance on the beam.

It was a decision before anything else.

A decision to compete, a decision to succeed.

The deciding was very important; but it had to be backed up by years of work.

Some of these races come down to slices of one second, an inch or two or a single one-tenth of one percent on a judge’s scorecard.

The amount of effort and dedication that all of the Olympic athletes put into their events is awe-inspiring.

All of the training, all of the sacrifice, all of the repetition.

So amazing.

What goals have we set for ourselves? What concrete aims do we have?

More importantly, what are we doing to get there?

We need the same level of commitment to succeed in this life.

Will we start today?