Blog Post # 150 – Connect First

In a hyper-connected world, we feel disconnected.

Electronic devices allow us to communicate at the speed of light.

Yet, we feel alone.

Connection. Real connection.

It seems to be missing from our day to day existence.

One cool thing about meeting with potential new clients most days is that it allows me to connect on some level to my clients.

To learn about other worlds.

To hear amazing stories.

To empathize, to relate, to connect.

I guess it is sort of ironic that I am writing on an electronic blog that I will promote through social media to mildly complain that we are not connected.

But the blog does help with connection.

People know me better. People relate their tales to me more often. People feel safe to share with me in a way that is different than before I started this little blog 150 days ago.

When I came back from vacation, I met with four clients the next morning.

I was relaxed, calm and receptive to what they were saying. I was open and relaxed.

All 4 clients hired our firm.

I believe it was because of the connection. We connected first and then the decision to hire us was easy.

That is how it is supposed to work.

Connect first, everything else will sort itself out.