Blog Post # 148 – Moment by Moment

Depression comes from worrying about the past.

Anxiety comes from worrying about the future.

So says Mr. Tim Ferriss in a recent talk he gave at Google.

Projecting our fears to the future and/or beating ourselves up regarding past failures is a tough way to live.

Especially if we engage in both activities simultaneously.

In these two simple sentences, Tim distills down the two major ways that we can distract ourselves from living in the moment.

Why are these two mindsets such attractive invitations?

Why do we find ourselves drawn to sadness and/or to anxiety?

Is it something about the human condition?

The fact is that being sad about past mistakes is utterly pointless.

We can’t change the past.

We don’t have a time machine to enable us to visit our past selves and urge ourselves to make different decisions.

Yesterday, and all the days before yesterday, are gone.

So too with the future.

We can think of all of the worst case scenarios that the future may hold.

We have the ability to spend hours worrying about bad things that will never happen.

Obsessing on these potential outcomes can be debilitating.

Our invitation today is to be present. To be aware in this very moment.

Aware of the gifts that we have been given.

Aware of the people that love us and care about us.

Aware of the fleeting nature of time and that these moments will not last forever.

For today, let us leave the past in the past. And let us take the future as it comes, moment by moment.