Blog Post # 147 – You Will Respect My Authority

“You will respect my authority.”

This is one way to govern, to parent or to lead.

By creating an atmosphere of fear and distrust.

Where one is powerful and the other weak.

Many organizations thrive, for a while, under iron-willed CEOs who obtain good results from petrified subordinates.

Old-school coaches like Bobby Knight made a career out of developing talented athletes through fear and intimidation.

Throwing chairs does work.

But maybe not as much anymore.

Today’s employees don’t really respond to intimidation, yelling and pitting them against together.

And that is a good thing.

Ruling through fear is a bad approach.

Especially when dealing with our children.

Perhaps there is a better approach.

Discerning what motivates the people that we are tasked with leading is the first step.

Helping them tap into what they want out of life, out of their job, out of this collaboration is essential to maximizing performance these days.

Once that is achieved, our job as leaders is to develop the skills within those we lead to help them succeed.

Less yelling, more teaching.

Going the fear-based route is easy, but lazy. Effective, but ultimately futile.

It is also an unpleasant way to live.

Who wants to walk through life having those around them be fearful of an explosive tirade every other day?

Instead, lead by example and train for success.

So much more effective.