Blog Post # 145 – Smoke and Ash

Smoke and ash.

Ultimately, everything around us will turn to smoke and ash.

Civilizations crumble.

Institutions falter.

Time marches on.

We can allow these truths to paralyze us or galvanize us.

Our time on this planet is short.

Way too short for some.

We plot, we scheme, we maneuver, we act.

We try to counteract the passage of time.

We numb ourselves to our humanity with drugs, alcohol, sex and food.

To distract us from the fact that our time will eventually come.

Our time to turn to smoke and ash.

Perhaps this is a bit morbid.

But not if we use this knowledge to our benefit.

To leverage our knowledge of our eventual passage to make the most out of every moment.

To suck the marrow out of life.

To dream big, to live large and to constantly seek to improve.

This is our charge. This is our moral imperative. To make the most of this day and every single day that we are given.

Before it’s too late.