Blog Post # 144 – Our Ability to Affect

Why fret?

Why worry so much?

Why engage in mental gyrations over and over and over?

Everything will work out.

Everything will be just as it is supposed to be.

Our worries don’t change outcomes.

The world does not consider our fears; the world simply marches on.

It is certainly understand when we worry about things beyond our control.

But the worrying accomplishes nothing.

Some things in life, we can control.

But so very much of life is beyond our ability to affect.

We may feel helpless.

We may be scared.

But our job is to get beyond the feeling of helplessness, beyond the fear to a place of centeredness.

Of knowing that things are as they are supposed to be.

Society tells us a lie that we can control it all. That we can make the universe bend towards our will.

But this is a charade. We are not in control. We never were.

For today, let us accept our small role in the world.

We are one of many, facing things way beyond our immediate control.

To be humble, to be grateful and to be fearless.

For any other response is folly.