Blog Post # 139 – What Do We Say?

We say we are grateful, but are we really grateful?

Do we even understand how incredibly lucky we are?

To have what we have.

To be alive.

To share connections with the people around us.

We say we are tolerant, but are we truly tolerant?

Do we accept others as they truly are, without concern regarding how we wish they would change?

To know them and love them no matter what.

To gently encourage instead of dictating different behavior.

To be with others without any agenda.

We say we love ourselves, but do we place conditions on that self love?

Do we know in our core that our mistakes do not define us?

To be comfortable in our own skin?

To reflect upon our wonderful, unique qualities.

To accept ourselves as we are today, not opine for an uber-version of ourselves tomorrow.

What do we say? And what do we do?

To the extent that we can get those two realities to converge, we find our true selves.