Blog Post # 137 – Who Knows You?

Who knows you?

I mean really knows you.

Who is the one person who can call you out when you have gone off track?

I mean can tell you by a look, a sigh or a few words that you are actually full of crap.

It is certainly fine to try and hold ourselves accountable by reflecting on our goals and assessing where we are versus where we want to be.

But having that ally, that confidant, that person who knows us better than we know ourselves is invaluable if we are trying to better ourselves.

You might be able to fool yourself some of the time, but you have to have someone who can see you as you really are and offer honest, constructive feedback on you and your life.

Be grateful for this person.

Thank this person.

Try to help this person as much as they help you.

When I find myself stuck or making the same mistakes more than once, it really helps to have someone to bounce my kooky thoughts off of.

Helps me get those thoughts out of my head.

Lets me refocus and recalibrate.

To move on.

I often find that the more I share of my struggles, the less power that they have over me.

The less damage that I can do.

For today, I plan on thanking my confidant. And sharing a little more.