Blog Post # 136 – Power Down

We don’t have to be always on.

Always performing a task, always pushing ahead.

Here’s to slowing down, enjoying the view and taking some time to reflect and observe.

Go, go, go can result in lots of things getting done.

But there is certainly something to be said for relaxing.

Spent some time recently with some friends who have a nice, gentle way about them.

Helped me see that taking our time has its own benefits too.

Not every issue is earth-shattering, not every goal must be achieved by 5 p.m.

The tasks, the to-do’s, the check boxes – all have an important place in effective living.

That being said, when we burn through life in this fashion, it is easy to miss out.

To not see the wildflower, the baby deer nor the shooting star.

For today, let us share a little downtime – we may have to schedule it – but let’s turn down the volume, take deep breaths and understand in our heart of hearts that the things that need doing will get done and that it is okay for us to take our time.

To take those breaths.

To reflect on the gifts that we have been given.

To power down.