Blog Post # 135 – Instruments of Peace

Can we love each other?

Can we move through this world and see our similarities and not our differences?

To love each other despite our differences.

To, dare we dream, even love our differences.

Only love can conquer hate.

Empathy for our fellows is one of the things that makes us human.

To care for an elderly neighbor, to visit the sick, to forgive.

In a time of such immense negativity and hateful rhetoric, what can we do ourselves to change the conversation?

Can we spread peace where there is discord?

Can we speak more softly, listen more carefully and talk a whole lot less?

It is so very easy to be ruled by emotion – to send off an angry tweet – to be self-righteous about everything.

The discipline necessary to rein in our emotions and actually listen is slowly slipping away from the public discourse.

So many people view themselves as victims, persecuted by the other.

Some of this is warranted, much of it is not.

We cannot control the national narrative. But we can control the things we say, the thoughts we share.

For today, let us strive to love each other, to be instruments of peace and to walk with our fellows to a place of understanding.