Blog Post # 134 – An Apt Comparison

Conducting comparisons can cause consternation.

Comparing ourselves to others can be productive or destructive.

Perhaps we look at another and use what we see to be really too hard on ourselves.

I am fatter than _____.

I am slower than _____.

We are doing a terrible job raising our kids as compared to ______.

The basic analysis is that we aren’t good enough when compared to someone else.

This can lead to shaming, negativity and an inability to act.

Comparisons can be useful as long as we are not mean about them.

This is the other way that comparisons can harm – when we compare ourselves to others to make us feel superior to the person being compared.

Such an approach also gives us little incentive to do anything differently.

We can get a bit self-righteous and judgmental.

But there’s no rule that comparing ourselves to another has to be so harsh.

We can think about ourselves and others in an entirely different way.

What if instead of thinking of how we are lacking, we think about how we could improve?

We use our analysis not as a stick to beat ourselves up, but instead a simple measuring stick that suggests how we may improve.

For today, let’s be comfortable in our own skin. If we find ourselves making a comparison, just sit with it and think about it without going off to extremes like telling ourselves we are lacking or telling ourselves we are superior.

To just be and to be content with that, while looking for possible things to improve.

That is all we have to do.