Blog Post # 133 – This Ain’t Hard

This life we lead. It ain’t hard.

We ain’t running from wooly mammoths.

We ain’t building a railroad across the Rocky Mountains.

We ain’t living in a hut with no running water.

Rather, we have it pretty good.

Amazingly good, I would say.

We don’t have to kill animals to eat meat.

We don’t have to pluck cotton to make clothes with.

We don’t have to wait for news to come by pony express, passenger pigeon or teletype.

Rather, we live in the most technologically advanced time in Earth’s history.

We can have whatever we want if we work hard enough.

We can’t forget this.

We can’t feel sorry for ourselves.

We can’t squander the immense opportunities that we have to live an amazing life and to make real change in the world.

Actually, we can do all of these things. Too many do, too often.

For today, let us relish all of life in 2016’s gifts. To be immensely grateful for what we do have, not all of the things that we don’t.