Blog Post # 132 – Who We Already Are

Who are we?

Why are we here?

Is this all there is?

Steven Pressfield wrote in his manifesto, The War of Art, “[o]ur job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.”

Way too often, we have an erroneous idea of this perfect person that we are supposed to be.

We devise this impossibly successful, flawless uber-self that we will never become.

Then we beat ourselves up for not attaining said perfect self.

We keep fighting, keep struggling, keep reaching for something that is 100% unattainable.

Lots of motion, lots of activity in the quest for a clean, flawless self.

A lot of energy, but not a lot of satisfaction.

Pressfield urges us to try another way.

And this alternative approach to life is so important for us to at least consider.

This invitation may represent a sea change in how we go about our days, weeks and lives.

To spend our energy not in trying to obtain perfection, but rather to get to know ourselves in a gentle, productive way without having to move, change or be different.

To find out who we already are – what an invitation!

So much gentler, such an amazing way to think about our purpose in life.

Sounds simple, but certainly not easy.

For if/when we ever do find that out, we then have to “become” it.

To move towards it – steadily, purposefully, deliberately.

This may be why I find myself such a fan of incremental growth.

Baby steps vs. grand declarations.

Back to work.

Tell yourself that we said hello.

And we can’t wait to see the person that you already are.