Blog Post # 131 – The Digital Connection

Nowadays, we can have a conversation with someone on the other side of the world virtually for free.

We can have friends that we have never actually met face to face.

Technology allows us to stay connected to distant friends and family at the click of a button.

Four weeks ago, I spoke via Skype with a former member of the U.S. military in Afghanistan about the possibility of him sponsoring his fiance for a green card.

He was in Kabul, I was in Webster Groves, Missouri. This week, he came into the office and hired me.


On Facebook, we have a little group of 2,000 immigration attorneys called Cool Immigration Lawyers. I have never met the vast majority of the group members face-to-face, but I feel like I know many of them very well.

Technology allows us to connect more quickly, to send money wirelessly and to befriend strangers electronically.

While we hear a lot of negative news these days about Craigslist murders, the comment section of local newspapers and the distractions caused by the digital age, there are many, many positives to this world we live in.

This is a wonderful time to be alive.

We should remember that.

Now I think I will go shoot a YouTube video for work.