Blog Post # 126 – What Our Children See

What do our children see?

Is there a difference between what we say to our children and how we really act in front of them?

Does our conduct match our professed values?

Children are extremely observant and they take a lot in.

If we sit back and reflect, we can probably remember things that we observed when we were very young.

Some of these are pleasant memories, others could revolve around a trauma.

The point is that children can be little recording devices, learning how to be in this world by watching how we act in this world.

This role as parent carries great responsibility for forming our children by the daily interactions that occur.

Truth wins out. Kids generally have a decent sense of who their parents are.

Sometimes, we fall short. Lose our temper. Say things that we wish we had not said in front of our children.

Let us remember that what we say to our kids, how we motivate our kids and how we teach our kids on a daily basis will have much more of an impact on the person that they become than virtually any other factor.

If we provide them with confidence, stability, encouragement and teach them about all the possibilities that are out there, it will go a long way towards making them into confident, stable and successful adults.

Conversely, if we tear them down, criticize them or place limitations on their mindset about what is possible, we will affect them in an entirely different way.

What will they hear us say today?