Blog Post # 125 – So Much More

We are not a collection of errors.

Mistakes on our part that still cause us shame.

Who we are is not defined by the worst things that we ever did.

We are so much more than that.

Can we choose to dwell in the negative moments in our lives and let them control us?

Of course.

But what does that accomplish?

Other than using our mistakes as motivation to succeed, to improve and to do better the next time, our prior mistakes don’t amount to much.

Spending too much time shaming ourselves for our past mistakes can cause us to isolate.

And when we isolate, we tend to make the mistakes from our past much bigger deals than they need to be.

We end up hating ourselves and unable to let the past go.

Sharing the negative swirl of past mistakes with a trusted friend, loved one or counselor can go a long way towards freeing us up to move on.

If you find yourself bedeviled or overwhelmed by things that you wish that you had not done, tell someone and let it go.

No one wants you to be in pain over your past.

It does you little good and can prevent you from being the person that we all need you to be.

It stymies you from your shine.

Please forgive yourself.