Blog Post # 124 – Working for the Weekend

The noted philosophers known as Loverboy famously said, “everybody’s working for the weekend.”

Sadly, this is true of many people living in America today.

Many folks go to jobs that they hate.

To work for bosses that treat them poorly.

To perform tasks that have little meaning or resonance in their lives.

Certainly, a lot of these folks are just trying to survive.

And this blog post is in no way meant to judge people who work hard in difficult jobs.

But rather, it is an invitation to inquire as to whether you love the job that you have?

The fact is that we spend more time every week with our co-workers than we do with our families.

Should not this time be spent in the best way possible?

Do we love our job?

Does our job invigorate and challenge us?

Does our job give us energy or drain it?

If we are stuck in a job that we hope is not our medium- to long-range future, what steps have we taken recently to transition away from this job?

Spending five out of seven days a week in misery or desperation does nobody any good.

We must ask ourselves, what is holding us back?

We can craft our own future. We can devise a better plan. We can gain new skills to take us from this place that we loathe and to a better situation.

What is holding us back?

What will it take to act?

What can we do today to begin that change?