Blog Post # 123 – Be More Deliberate

Are we lucky?

Or are we good?

Do we have the things that we have because of luck or our hard work?

I asked myself these questions after one of my accountability partners called me out.

We were discussing business development and while we have been successful at bringing in new clients to the firm, he gently offered that perhaps I could be a little more deliberate in my efforts.

My man Kelsey said, “I think you have been lucky. If your luck changes, you could be in trouble. I think you need to be more deliberate in your efforts.”

He also dinged me for a lack of follow through on some of the projects that we started but stalled out when 90% complete.

This was not easy to hear.

But I need to hear and heed his advice.

Too often, we give ourselves too much credit for our successes.

(And probably too much blame for our stumbles).

We tend to think that we have arrived where we are due to the sheer force of our effort.

Of course, life is not that simple.

While we are undeniably blessed, in many instances we could do better.

To work harder. To aim higher. To be more deliberate.

So I will take Kelsey’s comments in stride. Use them as fuel to improve.

Fact is – I can be a lot more deliberate. Stronger on the follow through. Making sure we complete one project before moving on to the next.

The feedback was both accurate and honest.

I will take it to heart and strive to do better.

Because if we continue to be lucky AND are more deliberate, watch out world.

We will be unstoppable.