Blog Post # 122 – So Afraid of

What are you so afraid of?

What is the worst thing that could happen?

What is holding you back?

If you know where the fear comes from, focus on that.

If you are unsure, sit with it in silence, turning it over and thinking it through.

No one ever accomplished something extraordinary by playing it safe.

This kind of life that we are talking about takes risk, courage, tenacity and perseverance.

Know that. Accept that. Swallow that. Stomach that.

And then let it go. Fear and uncertainty will always be with us.

Self-doubt is omnipresent.

Wear it like a shield. Let it be a part of you.

And then do your courageous thing – the thing that only you can do – the thing that we need you to do – despite the fear.

Not much changed since yesterday. The fears you had then are the fears you have now.

But you lost that day. That day is gone.

So for today, acknowledge your fear. Let it sit and watch you from up on your right shoulder.

And then do your important work. Your challenging work. The work that you were meant to do.

If you do this, whatever it is that scares you will be a little less scary tomorrow.