Blog Post # 121 – Accountability Partner

Who hold us accountable?

Who calls us out on our BS?

Who knows when we are fibbing?

We can tell ourselves lies. We can put things off to another day. We can get all twisted up in our head.

Having an accountability partner can really boost our effectiveness and our success in getting things done.

Since March of this year, I have met on Monday mornings with my friends Jim and Tyson on Google Hangouts.

We discuss our business successes, our goals and our fails for the week.

During our meeting, we keep track of these successes, goals and fails.

We find it rather difficult to wiggle out of our commitments when we have shared them with each other and written them down.

I missed the Monday Hangout the past few weeks and my productivity suffered.

Having accountability partners is especially important when you are your own boss.

All three of us report to no one else (except our spouses) so the temptation to “let things slide” can be tremendous.

I was so glad to get back into the Monday morning routine today.

Similarly, when I ran with a group with Big River, I was much more likely to show for a group run than when I go with the “oh, I run when I can” routine.

An accountability partner can work in many aspects of life.

So, who holds you accountable?