Blog Post # 120 – Laps





What are the things that we can do every day to strengthen our body?

Back and forth, down the length of the pool.

Round and round the high school track.

Get our blood pumping and our mind clicking.

Such clarity from the gift of exercise.

Repetition builds upon itself.

The indoor track at the Mid-County YMCA is 1/18th of a mile.

Keeping count of the number of laps can get quite tedious there.

One morning, I was plodding along, trying to get my 3 miles in – 54 times around.

When I finished, an elderly lady who ran faster than I did and whom I had seen on the track many times told me that I was a “persistent” runner.

At first, I just thought she meant I was slow, a plodder. And I was a bit miffed.

But over time, I came to understand that while I am not particularly fast, I do get the job done.

One lap at a time.

Laps build to miles, miles build to races and races build us into runners.

Or swimmers. Or mountain bikers.

Laps are good.