Blog Post # 118 – Life Over Everything


Life over everything.

I had planned to write a nice little blog post about a rainy Fourth of July picnic.

But we woke up to more death.

After two horrible, tragic deaths of black men from the guns of police officers, we awakened to find that 10 police officers had been shot and 5 killed in Dallas, Texas.

I am not a politician. I am not a sociologist. I am not a constitutional law expert.

But I am a dad. A brother. A son. A husband.

And my heart aches. It literally aches.

My intention with this blog is to always stay apolitical. To reflect on life as opposed to issuing political polemics. And today we will stay within those parameters.

For today, we will sit with this heartache.

God bless the black man from Baton Rouge.

God bless the black man from St. Paul.

God bless each of the officers killed and wounded in Dallas.

May the families of all of these human beings find some comfort.

Nothing is more important than the lives of these human beings – no politician, no Second Amendment, no rights, no power.

This country is broken, seriously broken.

We are so far from where we could be.

Right now, hate trumps love. Violence trumps peace. Death trumps life.

We are left to grieve more senseless deaths.

And to try and make the peace.

We may ask God to help us, but we are the ones who will have to act.

There is no one else.

What are we prepared to do?