Blog Post # 117 – Never Arriving

We are never finished.

We never cross the finish line.

We never get to sit back and tell ourselves job well done.

There are always other races to complete.

Other mountains to climb.

Other goals to achieve.

In this age of comfort and distraction, it is far too easy to believe our own hype.

To believe that we have arrived.

Fact is – we have so much more to do.

What we accomplished before today is gone, in the ether, the distant past.

We need you in the game today.

The game of your life.

Living and striving, yet never arriving.

For as soon as we start patting ourselves on the back, life hits us in the mouth.

Inaction = inertia = stagnation = falling back.

The mindset of improving, tweaking, pushing and reaching is what we are after.

What are we going to reach for today?